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Ruggiero's Revenge.
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Don 'Lucky' Ruggiero 3rd Jun 2016

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Some of you may know me, others may not so allow me to introduce myself. The name is Anthony, Lefty, Lucky or Antonio or Tony if you wish. Fuck it let's go with Tony, Tony Ruggiero. Nephew to the late and great Dominic Ruggiero. I'm the boss of this family. Now we could nit pick over the term family but as far as i'm concerned those Sicillian fucks with their stupid fuckin' rules are the reason so many of us stay under the radar. 

I'll start my story off where it first began.  Liberty City 1980. I was a young pup running around causing all sorts of fuckin' trouble. Now in my neighborhood you were either in a crew or working for one. Lucky for me I was in one. We were working under this schmuck Di Marzio. He was ambitious and smart but he made too many shaky dealings with the blacks and the Sicillians. At first it seemed good, everyone got a taste and we were always earning well till some stupid fuck decided that they'd take over Di Marzio's spots. A blood feud ensued very shortly after. I got taken away by one of the capo's to protect me from any backlash. I was dropped at the doorstep of my uncle Dominic. He was a cold guy but fuck he knew how to run a crew. He had a small band of guys flying their own flag and under bosses or captains it was working well till the 07' wars in Liberty. The families all started gunning each other down. The Russians were moving in while the families were all too busy shooting each other up over ancient feuds back in the old country.  In this turmoil time for this thing of ours, Dominic or Dom for short. Took it upon himself to finish the feuding for good. Like fuckin' Ruggiero you know the puppet? the one with the sword? he fuckin' whacked all of em. The captain's, the skippers hell even the fuckin' bosses caught a few bullets. 

After it was all over Dom took me back to his place and handed me a snub 38. He said "if anything should happen to me I want you to follow to this address capische?" and with that he left me in this apartment in Alderney. It was small but hey it had a bed and food so who was I to complain? After a few days went by I got a call from one of Dom's boys. 

"Ey this Tony?"
"Yeah, who's this?"
"It's Enrico, your uncle's gone."
"Gone? whaddya mean he's gone?"
"You know...gone. There's nothing we can do"

I hung the phone up. Snapped the sim and left Liberty that same day.
I arrived in Los Santos a few hours after and met up with this huge fuck named Lamar, dude was stuck in some nineties time warp. The whole drive over he's talking about "popping niggas" and "getting them sweet low lows" fuckin' degenerate but hey who am I to judge? I got dropped off at this little coffee house off of Vespucci. It was Dom's place apparently. After an hour of hanging around I met up with some of Dom's boys and we talked out what happened. They too were sure it wasn't just coincidence that Dom leaves Liberty to hash out problems with an old rival and get popped the moment he stepped off the plane. We did some digging and slowly it came to me. Dom was part of an organization that was falling to pieces around him and the last few guys that held to our way of life. He and a few others decided to rework everything and come out on top but there was one hitch. Alphonso White.  A half Italian black guy who thought because he was a different shade that he could get away with shit. He surprised Dom a the sit down and blew him away with a 12 gauge. The fuckin' animal. Now you gotta understand I've got no problem with color. But this guy was a fuckin' animal. No respect. Killing an unarmed man at a peaceful sit down. 
So I hunted this bastard down. I caught him in the fuckin' desert can you believe that? He'd hooked up with some Russian bon bon and the two of em were already attempting to get on a plane to finish off what was left of Dom's organization. Shame I beat em to it. I arrived in Avelino, Naples to meet Dom's old confidant and friend, Eddy Geer. He was old, tired and frankly I felt sorry for the guy. He was convinced to lure Dom to the meeting that ended his life. I spoke with Ed and after a few hours I got up but left my gun behind.
"Ed do you remember what the Romans did if their generals dishonored themselves after a battle?"
"They'd get crucified unless they whacked themselves right?" 
"Exactly but their families always got taken care of in the end and they were allowed a respectable burial."
Ed looked at me with a small tear in his eye as I shook his hand and walked away. 
After a few steps I heard a shot ring out. I turned and sent the two guards I had with me to collect the body. 
When I returned to LS I was greeted by Richie, This guy was a real wise guy. Apparently he and Dom grew up together. While Dom took the hard road Richie decided to go the other way. Legitmise  and start making movies about guys like us! Like Mario Puzo but without getting whacked you know? 
In the time I worked with Richie and he made us some pretty serious cash. We split everything down the middle and I formed up what was once a rag tag crew into the Lufthansa Collective. A Neapolitan ran syndicate. Mafia be more like the Commission in Liberty but a free market which we ran alone.  Everyone got a taste but it was our business. It was working out swell till a flood of bikers from the north and too much investigation came knocking on our door. 
I went underground. But now things are clearing up. Nicky is gonna be outta the can in a few days once he's back we'll be back in action. Not as Lufthansa but as what we really are. The Camorra. The Ruggiero Connection. So as I was meaning to say in the beginning, how ya doin? welcome to this thing of ours. 
Oh and one more thing; Never rat on your friends & always keep your fuckin' mouth shut. 
Now get the fuck outta here and make me some dough.
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One thing about us wise guys,
the hustle never ends - T Soprano

Forum » Business & work » Meet the family.
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