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Rocco DiMeo
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Rocco DiMeo 16th Sep 2016

Joined: 25th Oct 2014
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A hulking bull of a man sits beside you at the bar, a sweating bottle of Patriot in hand and ab amused smirk on his bulldog face. He scratches briefly at his freshly shaven head before he takes a long pull on his beer. He looks like the sort with a diet of steak, eggs and protein shakes. When he speaks, it's gruff and to the point.

"My story. Shit, kid, it ain't that different from any of the others ya hear from this crew of ours. Fine, you buy the next round. So, startin' out...I'm from out in Vice City. Old man was from a line'a zips workin' for the Moreli Family, back before ol' Don Enzo got whacked. I fuckin' idolized the guy; He always had cash to toss around, an' everyone bowed their head when he walked into the bar. So, when I get to high school, I got into petty shit, try an' prove myself for the family. Sold grass wit' my buddy, stuck up the nerds on their way home, robbed a couple houses, that kinda shit. Old man was happy to encourage me, even taught me how to test a brick when my pal Eddie started movin' coke. Then we got Gulf War Two, an' I was startin' to get noticed by the cops. Needed to lay low, get outta town, so I did a stint with the Air Force. Learned how ta fly a chopper an' a plane there, an' when I got back, the families back home had a job waitin' for me. I busted skulls, put the fuckin' fear of God into whatever dumb motherfucker thought he didn't need to honor the don. Then, back in 2008, Don Enzo got whacked by his own fuckin' daughter, an' I'm outta the job. Drifted for a while after that, worked for whoever needed a trigger-man. Even flew coke planes for a lil' while. Then, I get a call outta LS. One'a the Morelis' associates had a job openin'. Always did wanna move out West, so here I am. Good shit, man. Now, unless you wanna buy me another beer, I gotta head down to Strawberry. Wouldn't wanna keep Latrisha waitin'."
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Dirty Money : $40,000.00
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Don 'Lucky' Ruggiero 16th Sep 2016

Joined: 15th Oct 2014
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Now that's fuckin' comedy. Nice one Rocco.

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One thing about us wise guys,
the hustle never ends - T Soprano

Forum » Business & work » Meet the family.
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