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Richie Scorsese/Soprano
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Richie Scorsese(Xb1/PS4) 21st Sep 2016

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How the fuck you doin? Names Richie...I've been in the life since I was a pubeless little dust kicker back in the old neighborhood out west....Alderney. I've seen many pretenders come n go in this city,many of them were good guys who lost the plot the second they got a whiff of power. 

Anyways..I've been running with Lucky for years now. Over the years we pulled off some audacious fucking moves. Naturally I cannot go into specifics,but you get the picture. We've been through thick and thin together,built crew up only to watch the Fibs rip them apart...but outta the ashes we always rise,smarter than before,with lessons learned we move forward,i mean...wottaya gonna do huh? Persecution from the Federal government is just one of those things.
It was this persecution that prompted me to get involved more heavily with legitimate business. 
That's when Goodfella Productions was born. The movie business offers perfect cover for our thing,especially in this fuckin city. I took some time to build it up and now that it's ticking over nicely...It's time to make my presence felt out in the real world again. But that's not to say legit business doesn't come with it's own set of problems...far from it..Only,I don't wait around for the court system to sort out my problems... gabete?

Keep your eyes open for "work" that becomes available in the near future,you never know,you might get to beat the shit out of your most hated reality star in LS...and get paid in the fuckin process.
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Keep yer ears open n yer mouth shut

Last Edit: 21st Sep 2016 by Richie Scorsese(Xb1/PS4)
Forum » Business & work » Meet the family.
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