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Malcolm 'mac' McCormick
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Malcolm McCormick 9th Sep 2016

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Malcolm McCormick has lead an exciting, yet tragic life style. The strange part of Malcolms story is that he wasn't born to a junky mother and dad who was in and out of prison. His mom was a grade school teacher and his dad was a computer engineer. He never lived in poverty, his dad made 70k a year. He had a strong father figure and his mom was sweet and loving. His younger sister was his best friend and he was proud of her when she went to college. Mac became a mechanic after graduating high school and made decent money. A friend from high school, James, convinced Mac to move out to Los Santos and he found work in a repair shop pretty easily. This is where Mac got his first glimpse of the criminal side of business. His boss was 43, driving cars that no small shop owner could afford, living in a house worth a million dollars and banging models. The only way these things added up was money, dirty, dirty money. Mac decided he wanted some of that for himself, and became a partner in the chop shop. It started pretty simple, car comes in, secret code is spoken, car is dismantled and guy is paid, no questions asked. But all good things must come to an end, and the end of this chop shop was swift and decisive. The FIB had been watching the building and had set up a sting to catch everyone involved in the illegal business, and they did catch everyone. Mac went to jail for the first time, and got the book thrown at him when his partner claimed Mac was running the chop shop without the owners knowledge. The owner knew enough people to get Mac pinned for the whole operation, and even thought he was offered a deal, Mac didn't rat anyone out. Mac was sentenced to 4 years in County jail and paid $50,000 in fines, but he made some very valuable friends while inside. Mac served 2 1/2 years before being released on probation. During his probation he worked quietly at a auto shop in blaine county, plotting to get back at the man who wasted 2 years of his life. Mac bought a .45 and a silencer from a friend of a friend he met in jail and gave his old boss a call. Feeling sorry for getting a young kid locked up he agreed to buy Mac a few beers, not knowing those would be the last beers he ever had. Mac got to the bar early and waited for the man to arrive. He watched as the man parked his Cadillac and went inside. As soon as the man was through the door Mac used a slim Jim to open the door and lay down in the back seat. Once he was situated, pistol in hand, he called his old boss and said he wouldn't be able to make it. A few minutes passed and the guy was driving home grumbling under his breath, and Mac sat up. The guy jumped and almost crashed the car, Mac calmly instructed him to pull over. The man immediately began to apologize and beg for his life, but as soon as the car was in park Mac pulled the trigger. Mac showed no emotion as he watched his former partners brains slide down the inside of the windshield, he surprised himself with how easy it felt to kill in cold blood. Mac called in a favor with a gang member he had met while in jail, and within the hour there was no sign that a man had been shot in his Cadillac. Two years later Mac got the call he always knew would come. Not a man to go back on his word he agreed to commit another murder, but this time it wasn't personal. Mac simply walked up to a guy he didn't know, and shot him point blank in the back twice and once in the head. Once he made sure the man was dead, Mac calmly walked away. He had been promised the gangs lawyer would get him off, and he let the man earn his money. Mac got off by claiming self defense and 8 witnesses backed up his story. After this killing Mac looked deep within himself and decided that the killings didn't bother him. He started being a gun for hire before falling in with a small crew. Unfortunately Mac and the crew's leader didn't see eye to eye. He had learned that killing people wasn't difficult, getting away with it was the tricky part. This new crew wasn't smart enough to see that every murder draws attention. Mac decided to disappear before he went back to jail for some idiots mistake.
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Forum » Business & work » Meet the family.
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