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Enter, Nicky "Diamonds" De'Luca
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Nicky 'Diamonds' De'Luca 5th Jun 2016

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I grew up in Los Santo, both my parents came here from Naples and being Italian and from Los Santos I always had a Knack for crime. I never saw myself doing anything other than being some sort of gangster or kingpin, I loved the crime life. Like any other criminal I started off broke and with no connection. After I graduated I was a bouncer at the tequil la la until I was about 23, only making 75-100 bucks a night. I was living in a shitty little apartment in vespucci and was getting no action. Until one day I was sharing a smoke with the bar tender of tequila la la when I told him I needed to make some real money and he told me about his cousin in East Los who worked in the car business. What his cousin did was jack cars and chop them up and sell the parts. The very next day I quit my Job and met with the guys cousin named Vinny. For the next couple years Vinny and I were getting so good with this car shit we were able to steal up to 3-4 cars a night and make 30 grand that weekend. Things were going good, I was able to get a nice apartment and neither the feds nor the LSPD would raise an eyebrow at us since we were just two successful car parts salesmen. Things started to go downhill when Vinny got connected with an MC an east los, he liked what they were doing and he convinced me to run with them. In a year we were patched in and I was starting to feel better about all of it. We were making even more money running guns and drugs than we were with this car shit. I thought to myself for a while that maybe this MC shit wasn't so bad. Up until the Nomad charter started to rebel against the main east los charter, it felt like world war 3. I quit the MC life when Vinny was caught up in a drive by from the nomad charter and I almost got blown to bits by a motorcycle bombing so I went AWOL. I was on my own but I went back to doing what I knew best, Jacking cars. I couldn't stand doing this shit on my own so I put my ears to the streets. There was talks within the shady community of this guy called Lefty from somewhere in the east.I thought I'd work well with a wise guy since I was Italian so I asked around and eventually found the guy at a butcher shop ordering a sandwich. It Wasn't gonna be no regular job interview so I got straight to the point. When he was eating his lunch I sat down and presented to him a wad of cash from my last car job. I told him I was looking for a partner and there would be more money where that came from, I gave him my number and the address to the car shop. A week later I got the call, "you wanna Job kid?". For the next year I was doing Heists with the Ruggiero crew and got the name "Diamonds" because I turned over so many Jewelry stores. I thought all the MC shit was history until it came back to haunt me. Somehow the FIB connected me to the murders of some of the nomads during the war a couples years back. So here I am in a jail cell, but soon i'll be out and back to work...
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Forum » Business & work » Meet the family.
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