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Anthony Leveau
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Anthony Leveau 26th Oct 2016

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7 years ago I never figured I would end up here. A simple moonshine runner from New Bordeaux to running with the mob in Los Santos. It all started out just as a meeting in a bar. Me, some guy who barely even spoke English, talking to someone who barely understood what English I knew. Majority of my bloodline was Creole, had a bit of Italian floating around in me. But that's beside the point, on to the actual meeting. From what we could understand from each other, he had a job for a guy of my talents. My knuckles were scarred to hell and back and he needed me to do what I was good at, break people. The guy who he wanted me to bust up was just outside which was handy. He was some fucking perv who had been trying to get into any girls pants, even coming onto a few girls who had guys with em but again, beside's the point. The guy was a creep who needed to taught a lesson, and I did just that, by the time I was done the guy looked like he had been beaten with a crowbar, I went back to my seat and got some ice for my knuckles and we had a few drinks. When it was closing time we got up and bid each other Adieu and walked out, when all of the sudden this blacked out caddy rolled up and started taking pop shots at Lucky. I pulled out the 44 i had on me and took a shot at the tire as they started away, the driver lost control and crashed into a light pole, totaling the car out, killing all but one, the shooter. After making sure Lucky was alright, I walked on over to the car as casual as I could and broke out the back window. It was a sight to look at, dead bodies and a few limbs scattered about, I put the barrel of my 44 to the guys head and thumbed the hammer back and pulled the trigger, leaving a hole the size of a fist in his head. After that had been done we each said our goodbyes and went our own way till the heat died down. He ended up giving a set of keys to an apartment and that's the story of how I ended up in Los Santos, among friends and making some damn good moonshine.
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Forum » Business & work » Meet the family.
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